Sunday Mass at 8:30 am

As announced by Fr. Dave, our Pastor, this past weekend we will add an additional Sunday Mass into our weekend schedule  While the 4:00 pm Mass on Saturday and the 10:30 am Mass on Sunday will continue to be held in the Parish Center, the 8:30 am Mass will be held in our PARISH CHURCH.

To accomplish this transition, we must follow current guidelines regarding safety and social distancing.  Due to the size of our Church building. only a limited number of individuals can be accommodated.

Reservations must be made on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week by calling the Parish Office t 717-985-1330.  Each person/household will be assigned a seat to assure for the maximum attendance permitted.

Masks are required upon entering the Parish Church and, of course, the Parish Center.




Every good parent understands that real love is total, demanding, unconditional – and terrifying.  Still, when you really love someone, that someone’s happiness and fulfillment make for your happiness and fulfillment.  To love someone, with your “whole heart and soul and mind” can empower us to do things that we do not think we can or could do; to love as completely and unconditionally as God loves us is demanding and heartbreaking.  Yet understanding those demands and having faith in the embrace of such God-centered love enable us to sacrifice and take risks for the sake of those we love.  We often underestimate what we can accomplish when we act out of love – love that is centered in the needs of another, love that has no ulterior motive except the well-being of the beloved, love that is selfless and unconditional, love that is of God.

In Christ’s Peace, Fr. Dave