Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Second Sunday of Easter s also known as Divine Mercy Sunday.  We all have scars that continue to teach us and define us:  some “scars” remind us to be more careful and attentive, but many of our “scars” are the result of becoming more conscious of others, of growing in wisdom and understanding, of paying the price for creating and building what is good and valuable in our lives.  This Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday, reminds us of how Jesus died for our sins and His Resurrection is the promise of God’s mercy if only we seek it.  The Story of Thomas celebrates the scars from our own Good Fridays that remain after our own experience of resurrection. Our “nail marks” remind us that all pain and grief, all ridicule and suffering, all disappointments and anguish, are transformed into healing and peace in the love of God that we experience from others and that we extend to them.  Jesus says to Thomas and his brothers not to be afraid of the nail marks and the scars and the fractured bones and the crushed spirit and  the broken heart.  Compassion, forgiveness, charity — no, matter how clumsily offered — can heal and mend.  In the light of unwavering hope, with the assurance of God’s unlimited grace, even the simplest act of kindness and understanding is the realization of Easter in our midst.

In Christ’s Peace, Fr. Dave