Sunday, August 1, 2021

In two weeks we will have our Parish Picnic at Cibort Park.  We hope that everyone will find time to be at the Picnic to eat delicious food and spend time with family, friends and other parishioners.  Our Picnic will begin with Mass at 11:00 am at Cibort Park.

In today’s reading from John’s Gospel, Jesus has just fed five thousand with a few pieces of fish and scraps of bread.  The next day the crowds are looking for Jesus because they want more such “signs”, yet Jesus tries to explain to them that the signs themselves are not the point the point is the compassion and mercy of God revealed in those signs.  Jesus fed the five thousand not to show that He can do it yet to bring to light the compassion  and mercy of God that are at the heart of the sign.  That is the work of God, Jesus says: to embrace the spirit of God’s forgiveness, love and justice, the “signs” of God in our midst that enables us to work similar wonders.