Marriage Preparation

Our Parish asks that all couples planning their marriage reach out to the Parish Office at least one year prior to their sche3duled date. The couple will meet with our Pastor, Fr. Jonathan P. Sawicki and will then meet with our Mentor Couple for several sessions.

Diocese of Harrisburg: God’s Plan for Love Seminars 2023

Couples are introduced to the idea that God had a Plan for married love all along and that the vocation of marriage is of great significance.

Love is hard to live perfectly, but God provides the grace and virtues to overcome our weaknesses.

Couples learn in detail how the Catholic Church defines marriage and what is required for a marriage to be valid.

The complementarity of man and woman is a sign of God’s love that must be reflected honestly within the marital embrace.

An OB/GYN physician will describe a better way to understand reproductive health and a young married couple share their experience with Natural Family Planning.

A couple married more than sixty years shares the wisdom, fun, and sense of joy that marriage has brought them, and Christopher West offers practical advice on how to keep God as the foundation of your marriage.

God’s Plan for Love Seminars for 2023

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Phone: 717-657-4804, Extension 303