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Blessed Virgin Mary

As we enter the month of May, we are reminded of the beautiful tradition in our Catholic faith of honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a time when we reflect on her virtues, seek her intercession, and deepen our devotion to her as our spiritual mother. It is a time to reflect on her desire for us to know and follow her Son. It is the time when the earth bursts forth into its fresh foliage and its green grass after the stern frost and snow of winter. It is because the blossoms are upon the trees, for such gladness and joyousness of external nature is a fit attendant on our devotion to her who is the Mystical Rose and the House of Gold.

May is a month of uninterrupted liturgically joy usually encompassing part of the Easter season as well as Pentecost and several other feasts. Some feasts have changed but the principle remains true. In fact, May now begins with the feast of Saint Joseph, whose devoted labor sustained Mary in her vocation as the Mother of God.

May is also the month that Eucharistic pilgrimages take place from four points in the United States creating a cruciform path to Indianapolis, where the US Church leaders will celebrate the Eucharistic Congress. These pilgrimages provide an inspiring, visible example to all people as the flame is lit in each city along the path. Come Holy Spirit!