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Parish Picnic

The planning for our annual Parish Picnic (July 16th at Cibort Park, Bressler) kicked off well this past Monday. I would like to thank all of our parishioners who have stepped forward to assist in leadership and service. Or next Picnic Meeting will be on Monday, June 26 at 6:00 pm in the GYM of our Parish Center. All are invited to attend.

Our picnic has a twofold importance: it is a community builder as well as a fundraiser. Many people commented on the great turnout of people last year, and of course we hope to continue to get the word out to bring more people to our annual picnic. Naturally for the fundraiser side of our picnic, keeping our cost under control is key to a healthy profit, but this year we are also going to ask for business sponsors for our picnic. Many of our places of employment have a budget for advertising, so in the next several weeks we will have sponsorship forms available. If you are able to assist us with sponsorships, we will be very grateful as it will help us have an even greater success.

As I said, we had a productive meeting. Please mark your calendars for the weekend of July 16th – many hands make light the work!