"> September 2022 – Prince of Peace

Sunday, September 25

Dear Friends,

Once again let me thank you for your patience and understanding during the floor renovation project in the sanctuary of our beautiful parish Church.  “Pardon the dust” as the old saying goes!  With the cleaning of the high altar steps and the installation of the new floor, some things have been temporarily displaced:  the altar, the presider’s chair (also known as a sedilia), the ambo (or the pulpit, which is going through some structural improvements), and the altar rail.

We take these thing for granted – they are always in place and it isn’t until they are displaced that we note how integral these items are to our worship of God.  The “General instruction of the Roman Missal” is the document which govern our experience of the celebration of the Holy Mass:  the calendar of feast days, the motion of the clergy and congregation, the sacred music, and the layout of the church.

Paragraph 295 of the GIRM states:  “The sanctuary is the place where the altar stands, the Word of God is proclaimed, and the Priest, the Deacon, and the other ministers exercise their functions.  It should be appropriately marked off from the body of the church either by its being somewhat elevated or by a particular structure and ornamentation.  It should, moreover, be large enough to allow the Eucharist to be easily celebrated and seen.”

Our sanctuary or altar area is not simply a stage for a performance or a backdrop for wedding or baptism photographs! To utilize language from the Scripture, our altar is the “Holy of Holies” – the place where we can encounter the incarnate God in a profound and special way.

Thank about what we are doing as  parish family:  we are adorning the Holy of Holies and reminding ourselves and all those who visit us for Sunday worship or other special occasions that the Sacred Liturgy, the celebration of the Eucharist and the other sacraments, is where we begin and culminate our lives as children of God.

Thank you for your trust, your patience, and your support!

Fr. Jonathan Sawicki, Pastor

Sunday, September 18

Dear Friends,

This weekend the reading from the Word of God exemplify the demands of a life in Christ which is lived in an “other” manner: for us our faith is not simply an internal thought process but instead it permeates us from our soul to our actions.

The prophet Amos, in the classic prophetic role of the Old Testament, foretell doom to those in authority who manipulate and abuse the poor and vulnerable of society.  The Psalm gives the hope that not only will those vulnerable be protected but indeed they will be lifted up.  But it is in the Gospel that we find our greatest challenge:  they Lord expect us to be trustworthy in the stewardship entrusted to us.  Stewards are not owners who do with things as they want, stewards take care of things as if they were their own, but with the awareness and foresight to do things as the master – the true owner – would want things done.

We are stewards of the sacred mysteries and the treasure of our Christian faith: her teachings and her moral practice.  We are stewards of the people who look to us for assistance.

How faithful are we in our stewardship of what is entrusted to us?

Fr. Jonathan Sawicki, Pastor