"> June 2022 – Prince of Peace

Renovation Update

Dear Parishioners,

This photo was taken on August 4, 2022, as we continue to bring the pews back into the Church.  Look at the restored pews and the beautiful new floor!  Thank you for  your support in making a great investment for the future generations of our Parish.

The initial project, as stated since the first months of this year, was to restore the pews and replace the floor in the nave of the Church only.

Many parishioners who have seen the completed work in recent weeks have commented to me and parish staff and lay leadership that the Sanctuary/Altar floor should also be renewed, as it would not make any sense to stop before the altar rail.

The Parish Pastoral Council is in support of continuing this floor project and the Finance Council has approved the replacement of the altar floor, as well as cleaning and polishing the marble steps to the high altar which will cost approximately $32,000.00.  We do have funds to accomplish this, but we will also give YOU the opportunity to make a Memorial contribution to this project.

The historic images in the present rubber tile floor will be preserved, in so far as we are able to do so, for display perhaps in the parish center.  The timeline for this project will be communicated when we are able.

Thank you for your trust, your patience, and your support with these projects – I hope your wait has been worthwhile!


Fr. Jon Sawicki

Baptistry: July 7, 2022

Dear Parish Family and Friends of Prince of Peace Parish-Assumption of the BVM Church.

This is an updated Church Renovation photo taken on Thursday, July 7th of the Baptism font area.

The walls of the Church were cleaned and a fresh coat of paint applied (same color as previously). The crew is working diligently to prepare for the installation of the pews and kneelers.

Stay tuned to our webpage (popsteelton.org) or our Facebook  page (Prince of Peace Roman Catholic Parish) for further information and additional photos.

Thank you for your continued Trust, Patience and Support!