APRIL 22, 2018

Daily Prayer for All Military Personnel
(Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA)

O God, kindly watch over those exposed to the dangers of
military life. Give them such strong faith that nothing may ever
lead them to deny it or fear to practice it. Fortify them by your
grace against the contagion of bad example, so that, preserved
from vice and serving you faithfully, they may be ready to meet
death, if it should come.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, inspire them with sorrow for sin and
grant them pardon. Mary, our Mother, be with them in battle,
and should they be called upon to make the supreme sacrifice,
obtain for them the grace to die in the love of your Divine Son.
St. Joseph, pray for them. Amen.

Pray for Peace and continue to pray for those parishioners
and relatives and friends of parishioners who are actively serving
in the U.S. Military: Staff Sgt. Amanda Voggenreiter, Lt. Col. Timothy Blanch, HM1 Jeremy Hoyer, Major Kevin Deibler,
Master SGT Robert G. Smith, Senior Staff Sgt. Robert Leppla, Jr., Col. Joseph Egresits, Capt. Patrick A. Count, PFC Juan Deleon, Tech Sgt. Jeromy Kapp, CW3 Richard G. Adams, II,
MSGT Jill M. Kelley, Major Michael Denny, Chaplain Col.Philip Mahalic, Sgt. Zachary Ogilby, Pvt. Derek Civik, Specialist Francis DeJesus, Specialist Adam Powell, Captain Jeremiah Deibler, Maritime Enforcement Specialist Lorna E. Wedovau, Lt. Travis Jordon Starsinic and Lance Corporal Nathan Wiedeman and Private First Class Matt Forney.

We are happy to add names of friends and relatives to our
prayer list. We would appreciate your letting the office know
if there is a change in their status.

Please Pray for those currently or recently hospitalized and
those who are seriously ill, especially:  Christian and Megan Verbos, Mary DeFillipo,  Margaret Mary Murray, Betty Byrd, Faby Gornik, Donald Horner, III, Owen Marsico, Darby Musa, Chaplain (Col.) Philip Mahalic,  Thomas Lawrence Rubinic, Fr. Frank Egresits, Eleanor Barbush,  Gina Gilmore, Michelle Grab,  Betty Albert, Helen Margaret Daylor,  Frances Hernjak, Rene Stickle,  Louis Panza, Susan (Sostar) Miller, Mark Plesic, Gregory Husic, Sr., Joseph Vajda, Anna Behofcist, Goldie Hoover, Nancy Lagyak,    Pauline Breski, Zachary Schwartz.